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A lot of people forget to do ear training when they are learning to play the guitar. They often assume that having a great ear is something that comes natural. You can actually train your ear to improve it. And with a better ear, it will give you a tonne of benefits.


This article is about some of the great things you can enjoy by working hard and training you’re hearing.


Being able to play what you hear

With great training, you will be able to listen to a song, and play along to it. This is a very common request from students, that they don’t require tab to start playing a song they know. Ear training will definitely help with that.



Being able to transcribe songs

Once you are able to play any song from hearing it, it also means you are able to write that information down.


This is great because you will no longer need to rely on tab sheets for music anymore! And if your friends want to play something that doesn’t exist. You could work it out for them.


Improve your playing ability on the guitar

Being able to hear better means you are able to hear something doesn’t sound right with your own playing. Whether that’s improving how your bends sounds, or making sure when you are improvising, that you are playing the right notes over a chord.


Help you learn songs faster

If you can hear and play them off the top of your head, it also helps you to be able to learn the songs much faster too.


Help you with understanding music

Music a form of expression, and almost like a language of it’s own. When you improve your hearing, it also improves your ability to understand music and the story that the composer is trying to get across.


Feeling like a musician

Having a great ear will definitely help you feel like a musician. And while you may not be able train to have perfect pitch. Having relative pitch is still great for anyone who wants to work on music.


Having an easier time playing with other people

When you have a great ear, it makes it a lot easier for you to play with other people. Whether that’s recognising what chords they are playing in. Or finding it easier to work out what key they are playing too. You still need to combine this with your music theory knowledge and of course, great guitar playing skills to become unstoppable.


Be able to write music easier and faster

Being able to hear something then translate it onto paper also applies to your own music that you decide to write.


It will also be able to help you work out if what you are writing is any good or not as well! The better you are at hearing the nuances in music and how melodies work over the chords.


Of course, again, music theory can also help you a lot in this case.


I hope these few examples have shown you how important working on your ear training is.


About author: Guitar Tuition East London takes a holistic approach towards teaching electric guitar in London. Realising the importance of multiple areas of guitar learning working together that makes it easier for students to learn guitar.

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